Networking // Keeping you connected

Networking includes so many different things today. Keeping your computers, tablets, and mobile devices online, as well as communicating with each other can be difficult. Setting things up right the first time, means less trouble in the future. Working to meet your local networking needs, we can set up your home or business with wireless that reaches all your devices. We can also help you run hidden cables for a solid connection to desktops or stationary devices like a DVR or network printer. More than just connection, is reliability and security. We can set up any router, but not all routers are made equal. We can help you choose the best router for connecting your project. If you are hoping to secure your home from the "naughty side" of the internet, we can help with that too, adding in protections to keep your family browsing safe. Give us a call to talk about your project and how we can help.

$65 per hour

Hours billed in 15 minuete increments or $16.25 for each quarter hour, hardware and cabling not included.
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