On-Site Service // For your convenience

On-site service is a option we give to clients who either cannot make it into our store during regular business hours, or would just prefer us to come to them. For nearly 10 years, our entire business has been on-site service, so we are a name you can trust to come into your home. Many computer shops find it an annoyance to go to the clients home, so they charge extra or have trip fees to discourage you from using the service. Not us, you'll get the same great pricing and service whether we're in your home, or you're in ours!

There are certain situations in which the only way to truly resolve an issue is on-site. In some cases the root cause of the problem is discovered to be other devices in your home. Sometimes internet problems are caused by your router or an interruption with your Internet Service Provider (ISP). These types of problems would not be discovered by bringing your computer into our store, where it connects to our router and ISP.

Of course there are other situations where on-site is not the best option , such as for a virus removal. Depending on how much stuff you have stored on your hard drive, virus scans can sometimes take 4 to 6 hours to complete, although we do not bill for those wait times. In situations like this, we can then take your computer with us to finish the service that needs to be completed, and we'll even bring it back to your home at no additional charge. If you have questions about on-site service, or would like to schedule an appointment, give us a call!

$65 per hour, no minimum, no trip fee.

Hours billed in 15 minuete increments or $16.25 for each quarter hour.
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