Surveillance // Keep an eye on things that matter most.

Installing a surveillance systems can help give you peace of mind and security at home or work. If you travel or work a lot, you might wonder what goes on when you're not there. With a surveillance system, you won't have to wonder anymore. If you have an internet connection, most surveillance systems allow you to view your cameras from anywhere in the world! Helping to give you peace of mind about what is happening at your home or business, while you're away. Surveillance systems also help to deter crime. If a burglar is casing your neighborhood, making your surveillance cameras visible and posting that your property is under surveillance will greatly deter them, not only protect your home or business, but all your neighbors as well! We can help you find the right surveillance system that meets your needs and your budget, professionally install it, and get you set up to view your cameras for less than you might think. Call us today to find out more.

$65 per hour

Hours billed in 15 minuete increments or $16.25 for each quarter hour, hardware not included.
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